Double Centrifuged Latex Centex DCZweifach zentrifugierter Latex - CENTEX DC

Centex DC

CENTEX DC is an unvulcanised double centrifuged natural rubber latex showing very low levels of water extractable proteins. Due to its characteristics this latex can especially be used for the production of medical articles made in a dipping process. CENTEX DC is available in bulk with tankcontainers or tanklorries and in drums.

Total Solids Content (TSC) max. % 60.50
Dry Rubber Content (DRC) min. % 60.00
Non Rubber Content (DRC) % 0.2 - 0.5
Alkalinity as NH3 0.60 0.78
KOH number 0.2 - 0.5
VFA number 0.025
Coagulum content % 0.01
Mechanical stability, sec. 800 - 1200
pH-Value max. 10.85
Odour after boric acid neutralization No putrefactive odour
Color on visual inspection No pronounced blue or grey