Established in 1973, Centrobank has the distinction, unique in Austria, of being licensed both as a merchant bank and as a trading house.  This enalbes it to bring togehter a wider and flexible range of products for its clients with the support of specialist teams of professionals.


Based on extensive experience in East-West trade since the founding of the bank, among others with large volume and complex countertrade deals, and after 20 years of activity in South East Asian counterpurchase, as a market leader and with purchasing through own subsidiary companies in and from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Phillipines, industrial offset, as another centerpiece of activity, has come to the fore since 1998.

Now active in more than 20 countries in Western and Central Europe, but also still in South East Asia and other overseas markets, clients are being offered tailor-made solutions for their offset obligations, both through foreign investments into as well as exports out of those countries, predominantly in high-tech areas.


Developed in support of its countertrade activities, Centrobank's trading subsidiaries in Vienna, New York, Akron, Virginia Beach, Singapore, Frankfurt (Eschborn) and Zug deal in substantial volumes in a wiede range of products and commoditites including natural rubber and synthetic rubber, natural and synthetic latex, revertex, cocoa, coffee, minerals, metals and chemicals.

International Business

Centrobank's early links with Eastern Europe still form an important platform for its international banking business, although, through its countertrade activities Centrobank gained significant foothold in South East Asia as well.  Our trading activities are truly world-wide, also including Latin America and the Far East.