Eschborn, GermanyEschborn, Deutschland

Eschborn, Germany


CENTROTRADE DEUTSCHLAND GMBH controls the group’s entire Rubber, Latex, REVERTEX® and VYTEX® operation, taking advantage of the longtime experience of its employees. With the cooperation of the Centrotrade Rubber USA subsidiary, technical support is provided to customers. Subsidiaries and local agencies take care of our world-wide distribution network. A wide range of products is imported to customers’ needs and is also available for prompt delivery from several storage facilities. In addition to the traditional sources from the Far East, we offer a variety of rubbers from other origins.


Office Eschborn

Ginnheimer Str.6
65760 Eschborn


Guenter Mueller, Managing Director
Direct Line: +49 (0)6196/77508-21

Horst Sakreida, Managing Director
Direct Line: +49 (0)6196/77508-11

Natural Rubber

George Sulkowski, Director
Direct Line: +49 (0)6196/77508-31

Nina Ruehl, Trader
Direct Line: +49 (0)6196/77508-32

Thomas Bartenstein, Trader
Direct Line: +49 (0)6196/77508-35

Natural Rubber - Logistics

Tobias Meiss, Logistics
Direct Line: +49 (0)6196/77508-23

Bernhard Hausmann, Logistics
Direct Line: +49 (0)6196/77508-33

Latex/Revertex/Synthetic Rubber

Christof Passinger, Manager
Direct Line: +49 (0)6196/77508-22

Latex/Revertex/Synthetic Rubber - Logistics

Karin Ketter, Logistics
Direct Line: +49 (0)6196/77508-24

Nikol Olah-Vedak, Logistics
Direct Line: +49 (0)6196/77508-28

Dirk Mader, Logistics
Direct Line: +49 (0)6196/77508-27

Silvia Heckert-Fonfara, Logistics
Direct Line: +49 (0)6196/77508-26


Ulrich Wannert, Head Accounting
Direct Line: +49 (0)6196/77508-71

Markus Nagorny, Accounting
Direct Line: +49 (0)6196/77508-34

Anzhela Dyadyeva, Accounting
Direct Line: +49 (0)6196/77508-72

Emma Boemio, Accounting
Direct Line: +49 (0)6196/77508-73

Aneta Czerwinski, Office Manager
Direct Line: +49 (0)6196/77508-12


Office Hamburg

Bei den Muehren 70
20457 Hamburg

Dirk Hartmann, Head of Rubber Department
Direct Line: +49 (0)40/ 6750378-10

Henning Gabriel, Head of Sales
Direct Line: +49 (0)40/ 6750378-20

Serpil Schlueter, Trader
Direct Line: +49 (0)40 /6750378-40

Monique Furch, Logistics
Direct Line: +49 (0)40 /6750378-50

Tobias Koop, Logistics
Direct Line: +49 (0)40 /6750378-60

Nikoletta Sereg, Office Manager
Direct Line: +49 (0)40 /6750378-30